Donald Trump, A Force of Nature

In previous posts I have stated that the US socio-economic system is based on three economic classes: the ownership class, 1%, doing extremely well; the overseer class,4%, doing quite well; and the PRECARIAT class, 94%, doing very badly. The middle class is gone or it never existed. What existed from 1945 to 1980 were high paying jobs which were the envy of the world. I do believe that 1980 was the first year that the US experienced annual account deficits, and they have been negative ever since on a larger and larger scale. The Precariat class is getting angrier and angrier.

If one watches American media, one sees the members of the overseer class bloviating and pontificating about how things are great. Occasionally, they will have members of the ownership class on these programs in whose presence they will prostrate themselves.

2016 is the Presidential Election Year and the Precariat class has a chance to express itself. They are up against the status quo. All candidates, Democratic and Republican, are beholden to the ownership class or oligarchy except for one: Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is very unusual in that he is very intelligent, emotionally honest, has a sense of justice, and appears to be very common as if he were a member of the Precariat class. In Mr. Trump, they see hope.  The Republican establishment is in panic mode. The modus operandi of the establishment is no longer working. If the ruling elite allows the democratic process to continue, Donald Trump will win the Republican Nomination and the Presidency of the US. He might just be the person that will be able to restructure the US economic system and bring peace to the world.

If the oligarchy, also known as plutocracy, tries to prevent him from becoming the Republican candidate, violence and revolution are inevitable. The Precariat Class will say: BASTA. If an economic black swan occurs, the upheaval will be inevitable. Some advice to the plutocracy: embrace The Donald, A Force of Nature, he might save your sinful souls and the nation. Only time will tell.

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