The Dow in Gold and Silver Price

On Sept. 3, 1929, the Dow closed at its high of 381.22, in gold it was 16.81 ounces, gold being priced at 20.67 dollars an ounce. In silver it was 381.17 American Silver dollars. On July 8,1932, the Dow closed in a bear market bottom of 41.22 dollars, in gold at 1.99 ounces, and silver at 41.22 American Silver dollars.
On April 21, 1980, the Dow hit the historical bottom 759.13. In gold at its peak of 1980, at 850 dollars an ounce, the Dow was selling for only 0.89 ounces of gold, and for 15.49 ounces of silver, as silver was trading at its historic high of 49 dollars an ounce. From that low in 1980, an historic new bull market in stocks started and still continues.
On December 9,2016, all major market indices closed at new record highs, the only exception being the Dow Jones Utility Average. The Dow closed at a record high of !9,756.85. In gold, trading at 1160 dollars an ounce, the Dow was selling for 17 ounces of gold, or 1167.66 ounces of silver at 16.92 dollars an ounce. This is the most expensive market in the history of the Dow. How will it end and how soon remains to be seen.

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