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Obesity, Toxic Side Effect Of Capitalism

Obesity has become a serious problem for most of the world, but nowhere is the problem as acute as in the USA. Throughout history, in all civilizations, there were individuals who were obese, either because of some illness or most likely because of gluttony. (Gluttony or gula in Latin is one of the seven mortal sins in Christian Faith.)

Modern obesity really took off with the processing of food. Food processing is a highly profitable business for giant food corporations that have world wide operations. Giant Agri-businesses and giant food processors  are one of the key pillars of capitalism, but they are very, very harmful to human and animal health, and very, very damaging to the environment.

The ascent of obesity began with the beginning of the Cold War with the USSR in 1947. The US wanted to present itself as the land of the cornucopia, but it is ending up as the cornucopia of garbage. The US leads the world in the production of “dead food”, food with no nutrient value, but with an immense profit margin. That is all that matters, profit, regardless of the human and environmental costs.

All life depends on the sun’s energy from the tiniest sub particle to the largest trees and animals. Cold blooded animals recharge themselves by laying in the sun and soaking up its’ energy. They may eat fewer than a dozen times a year to obtain nutrients and materials to maintain and repair their bodily structures. The accumulated sun’s energy keeps them going in between meals. When the cold season comes, they go into hibernation.

Mammals, including humans, eat food that contains the stored energy of the sun. Apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, pears, figs, dates are sources of the stored energy of the sun. They should be eaten raw. Legumes are to be cooked, as well as grains. Meat should be prepared fresh and not frozen or processed.

All processed foods destroy the energy of the sun and its’ nutrients, and only the calories remain. People who eat processed food suffer from what I call ” physiological starvation.” They are constantly snacking and eating because they are not receiving sufficient nourishment from these nutrient-deficient foods. The end result is obesity, morbid obesity, and the cornucopia of illnesses which are gifts to pharmaceutical-medical industry. Physiological starvation means the body does not have access to the nutrients that it needs to maintain and repair itself.

Pesticides and monoculture agriculture based on nutrient depleted soil produce nutrient deficient foods which are further destroyed by processing. Trans fatty acids, chemical additives, and GMO’s  complete the cycle of evil in this production of obesity and illnesses, but at the same time, produce immense profits for agri-businesses, food processors, and pharmaco-medical complexes which are key pillars of the system. The profits are beyond imagination, but the environment and the very existence of all life is in danger. This parasitic system, capitalism, is destroying life on earth, and in the process will destroy itself. Only time will tell.



Quo Vadis, Obesitas.

Obesity is one of the major problems of the Western World. It is probably the major health problem of the US, and to a lesser extent of Canada. Basal Metabolic Index is a ratio between weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared. It is recommended to be less than 25, above that number obesity begins. Morbid obesity is hundred pounds or more over the recommended weight. Some statistics indicate that sixty six percent of the American population is obese, and seventeen percent are morbidly obese. There are varying degrees of obesity from very mild to extreme.

Obesity is a serious side effect of the present economic system. Everything man does has negative consequences for life on earth. Human kind is destroying the life on earth. Obesity is associated with many diseases, including dementia, strokes, diabetes, heart disease, various cancers, etc. The primary cause of obesity is processed food. Processed food is dead food, nutrient poor, and loaded with toxic chemicals. Dead food is for the living dead. Fresh food is biologically alive and active. It is full of nutrients and energy.  All natural sugars, amino acids, and fatty acids are Levo or Dextro rotatory, and they easily move from levo to dextro and vice versa. All natural fatty acids are also in cis configuration, all synthetic fatty acids are in trans shape. All natural fatty acids have curvature, or cis in their carbon chain. The reason there is a curvature in the chain is because hydrogen atoms attached to the carbon chain are mainly on one side of the chain, hence the curvature. Trans fatty acids or synthetic fatty acids are straight and stiff. They are hard to metabolize or utilize to build and repair the supportive tissues of the body. They are dead and they are stored in the body; the “cemetery” of dead food in the body is obesity.

The processing of food is a highly profitable business, but with disastrously negative health results. In capitalism, the bottom line is what counts. Exitus acta probat. I used to tell my patients  that the three greatest medicines in life are: fresh air, fresh water, and fresh food. Have a nice healthy meal.

Unfortunately, obesity has a very bright future and the diseases associated with it. The processing food industry has an even brighter future, being enhanced by genetically  modified foods.

The embalming Industry of Food.

Embalming is an ancient art. Famous individuals were embalmed for posterity. The most recent example of embalming a famous individual was Nikolai Lenin, founder of the Soviet Union. Food was not  embalmed. However,it was preserved, mainly through natural processes to ensure food supplies for late fall, winter,and the early spring season. Processes included drying food such as figs, dates, grapes as raisins, sliced and dried apples, pears, apricots, and plums as prunes. Meat was preserved through salting and smoking. The nutritional value of food was preserved. Grapes were also preserved in juice form, called vine. Olives were preserved as cold-pressed oil. They were kept in wooden or clay containers. It was a high art and ingenuity kept it simple.

Modern methods of preserving food are essentially embalming food. Truth be told it is embalming for profit. Huge profits. Industrial agriculture and the embalming of food is a huge industry in the US, it accounts for at least thiry percent of the gross domestic product. First, the nutrient value of the food is destroyed; second toxic chemicals which enhance the taste are added ;third, chemicals, (toxic again!), are added to extend the longevity of these products that are called “food”. These products are packaged in beautiful boxes, plastic containers, and plastic bags. Packages are labelled with claims like,”all natural”, “builds strong bones”,”naturally delicious” etc. I used to tell my patients when they bought a paper box of food to throw away the food and boil the box and eat the soup; it had more nutrients. I was being sarcastic but I made my point. Processed and embalmed food is dangerous to ones health. The profits are huge, but so are the side effects…

I used to tell my patients to eat fresh fruit, beans, greens, and garlic. Fresh water, fresh food, fresh  air are essntial for health. Let us look at the many side effects of embalmed food: Obesity. Close to fifty percent of Americans are obese,and seventeen percent are morbidly obese. Chronic fatigue. “Embalmed” food has no natural nutrients and provides very little energy. (The body also requires more energy to digest it which explains why you feel sluggish after consuming it.) Chronic illnesses such as diabetes, juvenile and late onset, hypertension, heart disease, cancers of all kinds,etc. The embalming food industry claims that they are concerned with keeping  food costs down. This is a hypocritical claim. This processing does not come cheap and is ultimately very expensive. Just look at our list of side effects. Life expectancy is also deacreasing. It is around seventy years for men, slightly higher for women. The fate of the US depends on fresh, healthy food. Embalmed food, despite huge profits, leads only to the grave. Time will tell.