gold and the dollar in mortal combat!

The dollar and gold are in mortal combat. Up to the present the dollar has been supreme. The Bretton-Woods Agreement crowned the dollar as Emperor of the World. This gave immense power to the US. As a matter of fact, it gave immense super power to the US. All economic activity of the world was transacted in US dollars and not only was it the reserve currency of the world, it was the official currency of the world. It enabled the US to buy anything it wanted by either printing dollars or going into debt. The US lends money to other countries, especially to newly independent countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America in order to trap them into dollar debt and to exploit them to the limits of exploitation….

Any leader who opposes this arrangement is punished. The list of past and present offenders is long: Mossadegh of Iran in 1953, Gustavo Arbenz of Guatemala in 1954, attempted coup of Castro in 1961, Bay of Pigs,Patrice Lumumba of  Belgian Congo in 1962, Saddam Hussein of Iraq 2003 and Libya’s Gaddafi in 2011. There are many others such as Juanio Quadros of Brazil in 1964. The Modus Operandi of the West was total exploitation of the world through economics and any leader who opposed this policy was accused of communism and was overthrown. ( Another good example was president Sukarno of Indonesia in 1965.) The US will go to any length to protect the dollar rule of the world; possibly even nuclear war.

The opposing force to the dollar is nature itself. Gold is the power of nature,of the universe. It has the colour, the energy,and the power of the sun. Gold and other precious metals were created when the Universe was created. All civilizations of the world,past and present,cherished gold and silver. Both gold and silver are symbols of power and wealth. He,who has the gold,makes the rules.

Gold does not need the dollar, but the dollar needs gold. The “value” of the dollar can only be valued in physical things. How many dollars are needed to buy a barrel of oil or a bushel of corn.? Agricultural commodities cannot be used as money except in barter deals. Oil and agricultural commodities are consumed and cannot be used as money, but they can be the path to riches through labour. According to the first Law of Thermodynamics, energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Gold cannot be created nor destroyed. It possesses the power and energy of the sun. The dollar needs gold to measure its buying power. The true buying power of any currency can only be measured in terms of gold.

Presently gold is being suppressed for obvious reasons: to convince people that the dollar, and other fiat currencies, stocks,and bonds are the way to go. Anything that can be printed such as fiat currencies, stocks, bonds, and annuities are paths of speculation and not of investment. The world is waking up and experiencing an epiphany. The countries of Afro-Eurasia and Latin America are accumulating gold and abandoning the dollar.That is the nightmare scenario for the US and the main reason they hate Putin. They want to destroy Russia and encircle China. They want to give China the Japan treatment of 1939-41, that is, economic strangulation. If they succeed, the dollar will be supreme, and gold will go to jail. If the US fails, the dollar will most likely go to zero. Only time will tell….

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