High Noon in the Middle East

A confrontation of great significance is developing in the Middle East. On one side are lined US, Israel, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and possibly, France. The rest of Europe is neutral or ambivalent, with the exception of the three Baltic States. The opposing side is composed of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Russia.  The US Group can be considered as a force of Hubris, while the Russian Block can be regarded as a force of Humility. China is siding with the Forces of Humility, while Japan will most likely  side with the Forces of Arrogance. After all, Japan is still an occupied country. The vast majority of countries of Latin America, Africa, and Asia are siding with the Forces of Humility. Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, and Jordan are unconditionally part of the Forces of Superbia, but Yemen is on the Side of Humility. Oman is ambivalent. There you have it, the real division of the World. The claim that Russia is isolated and that Russia is a basket case economically is a joke, a very big joke. Russia is becoming more and more self reliant. Russia can be without Europe, but Europe cannot be without Russia…

Russia is on the side of the legally elected Syrian government, which is recognized by most of the governments of the world. It is also a member of the United Nations and many international agencies. The US opposes Assad because he wants to be independent. He refuses to be a puppet of the US. The forces of Arrogance have organized terrorist groups to overthrow Assad. Demonization of Assad is unimaginable, but he persists and he may triumph. If the Syrian government wins, Israel and the US lose. Forces are being mobilized for a big show down. High Noon is fast approaching. Let us hope it will not be nuclear…

In the Catholic Faith, there are seven mortal sins: superbia {arrogance}, avaritia {avarice}, luxuria [ promiscuity, immorality}, invidia {envy}, gula {gluttony}, ira {irate}, acedia, {indifference}. Superbia is the deadliest sin. The ethics and morality of the Universe are and always will be on the side of  humility. It will be very, very ironic if the West loses. Only, time will tell.

Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the US are key destabilizing forces of the Middle East,  and they are determined to destroy Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and eventually, Iran. ISIS and other terrorist groups are being strengthened for a massive counter attack against the Syrian Government. If the counter offensive fails, the consequences will be severe: the Saudi Regime will collapse, there will be violent change in Turkey, Israel will enter into more precarious position, and, the US because of the dollar collapse will be forced to leave the Middle East. In a desperate attempt to prevent such a situation, Israel, with US help, may lash out, and the Nuclear War may become inevitable. Only time will tell.


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