Goiter Fruits and Vegetables

Most people know what goiter is, and they also know what causes the disease, which is lack of iodine. The thyroid gland is the main regulator of metabolism of the human and other mammalian bodies. If there is a lack of iodine, the thyroid gland enlarges to trap iodine. Fishermen work on the same principle. Lots of fish, small nets, very little fish, big nets. No fish, starvation, no iodine, death.To Agribusiness or factory farming, this knowledge has huge profit potential.

Fruits and vegetables are essential for life and good health. When  customer sees a large, luscious tomato, strawberry or any other fruit or vegetable, instinct tells him it must be good, since fruits and vegetables are good for us. The bigger, the better. Only if that were so. Big fruits  are nutrient poor, hence the larger size. They are grown on nutrient deficient soil, full of chemicals. They have no taste and are not very healthy, but they do produce healthy profits, and that is all that counts.

An excellent piece of advice: buy locally grown produce from small local farmers or the Amish. Avoid goiter and goiter foods.

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