The Dollar vs Gold

There is a battle going on between the International Community of the West and he International Community of the Rest. This has been going on since the beginning of Colonialism. The Colonial Powers of the West have practiced a policy of conquest and exploitation, which still continues. Its’ instrument of exploitation is the dollar. The US owns, prints, and uses the dollar to its advantage. Even the European Union States, in trade amongst themselves, must use the Dollar. Such is the power of the dollar and the US, and the US wants to preserve this power…

But now the dollar is under attack, even though the US Dollar Index is above 90. (Actually, it is around 97.) The Index measures the value of the dollar versus other convertible currencies such as the Euro, Yen, British pound, Canadian and Australian dollars, and of course, the Swiss Franc. The Dollar Index has gone as high as above 120, and as low being below 80. A range between 90 and 100 is ideal. Not too hot, not too cold. It is hot enough to destroy or devalue currencies of natural resource countries such as Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, etc; countries that have an independent economic and foreign policy. These and other countries suffer from immense dollar debt. As dollar value rises their debt burden rises and becomes unbearable. Social upheaval follows. Regime change takes place, either peacefully or violently, and a friendly regime is installed that does what the US wants it to do. Lately this Modus Operandi has not been too successful in Latin America.

It has contributed to the destruction of Socialism. The CIA has probably infiltrated every socialist government in Eastern Europe, including the Soviet Union. Émigré groups have played a key role. How does one explain the fate of Nicolae Ceausescu who went from being the “de Gaulle of Eastern Europe” to being executed by firing squad together with his wife, Elena?  Simple. He had after all, paid his dollar debt to the West by practicing severe austerity. And now, Romania is again in debt, and its economic conditions are not very good. It is member of NATO and the European Union. Now, Romania, has no real say on the world stage as it had under Ceausescu. Such is life. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the success has not been that great. Afghanistan has been occupied but not conquered. The Taliban will most likely win. The US will be kicked out. Opium trade which is controlled by the US will probably be lost, and the dollar will lose its significance in the opium trade. The opium and illegal drug trades are huge. Trading in drugs is the number one trade in the world. It dwarfs oil, natural gas, and automobiles. And, it is based on dollar. Wonder why US wants to be in Afghanistan? The drug trade supports the dollar.

The dollar is fiat currency based on debt. When debt in dollar terms grows, the power of the US grows. The indebted countries are manipulated according to the needs of the dollar country. Zero interest rates entices more countries into debt, because these countries do not know the other side of the story. The other side of the story is that low interest rates are a “put” or support for US stock and bond markets. Money from all over the world pours into the US stocks, bonds, and high end real estate market. The value of the dollar goes up, indebted countries start suffering. Their currencies collapse, commodities collapse,  inflationary depression and coups d’état follow. This is what is going in geo-economic terms  in the world presently.

The International Community of the West under US leadership wants the money of the world to go into stocks and bonds. It does not want the money to go into gold. Gold has been pushed into artificial hibernation via paper shorting. The interesting side effect of this artificial hibernation  has been that gold has been moving from the West to the Rest, and is not coming back. China is the number one producer of gold in the world and keeps it at home. Russia is the number four producer of gold and keeps it at home. Gold mining of the world is dominated by western corporations, whether it be in Africa, South East Asia, North or South America, or Central Asia. They also participate in the suppression of gold. These gold corporations are instructed to supply it to keep the price suppressed because it benefits them. There is less revenue sharing with countries where gold mines are located. Also, they are protected from being responsible for enormous environmental damage. Gold mining is environmentally very destructive. It is one of the most destructive, on par with oil fracking. However, it does not produce earth quakes as do oil and gas fracking.

The dollar is strong and it will stay strong as long as the dollar index stays in the range between 90 and 100. In this range, it is strong enough to cause havoc to the currencies of most of the world, including the currencies of its two closest allies, Australia and Canada. They are collateral damage. Gold is weak in order for the dollar to be strong. It is a very artificial relationship. It is a severe form of dis-equilibrium which frequently develops in nature. Dis-equillibria in nature are rather frequent. Weather patterns are classical examples. When weather dis-equillibria develop they manifest themselves as tornados, hurricanes, lightning, snow storms, etc, until the energy of dis-equilibrium  is dissipated and normal weather patterns return.

Financial disequilibria are all unnatural whether they be the Mississippi Bubble, the South Sea Bubble, or the 1929 Crash. The consequences of crashes are usually very severe for the people. We are approaching such an event now. There are warning signs as in the weather. There are mini crashes preceding the big one. The Big One will come without any warning. The US Treasury and the Federal Reserve are doing their best to prevent one, but they will not succeed. It is simple. One cannot violate the Laws of Nature. It will be very interesting, and only time will tell.

What is the prospect for gold? It is Nature’s money. Nature’s money is a form of energy. If one looks at gold it has the color and the energy of the sun. If one looks at the fiat note it has a picture of some famous individual, number, coat of arms, and the name of the country. Fiat can be printed, but gold cannot be created nor destroyed. It is eternal. It was created when the Universe was created. The equilibrium price of gold with the present buying power of the world’s reserve currency would be at least 3000 dollars. The people of Afro-Eurasia are buying gold. The Chinese government is encouraging  its citizens to save in gold. It is wise to invest in Nature’s money. Gold represents TRUTH.



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