Negative Energy Flow 2

In my previous post I stated that energy is the essence of the universe. Without the energy of the Sun, there would be no life on Earth. A sick person is losing energy, a recovering person is gaining it. The economy is the living force of a country, and it is gaining, losing energy or staying steady.

The US claims that its economy has been in recovery since 2009, but the reality is different. The US economic system has been losing energy since 1980, when annual account balances with the rest of the world turned negative. There has been no recovery of the economy, only propping up of certain sectors of the financial sector such as the bond and stock markets, in the hope, that these two would stimulate the economy on Main Street: it never happened.

Economically speaking, negative energy flow is when expenditures are greater than income, and the end result is tragedy. When the bread winner of a family loses his job, it can be catastrophic for the family. They can be dispossessed of everything and end up homeless and penniless. If negative energy develops for a county or a city, expenses are cut and employees are terminated.  Additional side effects of the negative energy flow is the piling up of debt until it becomes unbearable. States and countries default on their debts. Most countries in the world are suffering from unbearable debts denominated in US dollars, especially the Third World Countries of Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Eastern Europe is in severe depression but nobody talks about it, because it is politically incorrect…

Very few countries have positive energy flow. In Europe, only a few countries have positive energy flow. In Asia, only a few countries have positive energy flow, China being amongst them. One country that has positive energy flow is Russia, a vast country that straddles Europe and Asia. It can totally be self sustaining. Most countries of Latin America and Africa have negative energy flow. The main reason why most countries have negative energy flow is because of massive debts denominated in US Dollars. This debt in foreign currency is draining the life blood of the indebted nations. They are forced to sell their natural resources for pennies, not to pay the debt, but to service the debt into infinity. They are condemned into permanent state debt slavery with no hope of true freedom and independence.

The United States is in a very unique situation, because it is the largest debtor in the history of the world, but has no problems of being the largest debtor in the world. The simple reason is that its debt is denominated in its own currency, the Dollar. The dollar is also the official currency of the world, and therein lies the immense power of the dollar and the US. All financial, trade, and any other activities, such as drug trade, white slavery, and mercenary wars are done in US Dollars. All these activities are controlled by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. All dollar surplus countries park their money in US Treasuries. The number one export of the US is the dollar with which the US can do anything it wants. No wonder the US is an ” Exceptional Nation.” Other countries must earn dollars, but the US simply prints them. The negative energy flow that the US has is, paradoxically, positive for the US as long as the dollar is the Reserve Currency of the World.

The US will have to pay a huge price, the day the Dollar is no longer the official currency of the world.




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