Will Dollars Become Autumn Leaves ?

There once was a Greek Orthodox monk of Odessa, present day Ukraine, who had a power of prophesy. He belonged to the Holy Uspensky Monastery, near Odessa. He predicted a war in the Ukraine and the end result would be the Ukraine returning to Holy Russia. Many historians and experts of Slavic Studies would agree. (In some of my previous posts, I stated that the Ukraine would return home to Russia.)

Another interesting prediction of this Greek Orthodox monk, whose name was Jonas, was the fate of the dollar. He was surprised how the world chased after it, giving immense power to the US. He said that the dollar would end up like autumn leaves, dispersed by the winds, and, nobody would bend to pick it up. It would be worth less than paper. He made this prediction in 2012, just before he died. The Ukrainian War started in early 2014. Whether his prediction for the dollar comes true remains to be seen. Only time will tell.

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