A Tale of Two International Communities

When western leaders speak of the “International Community”,they are mainly concerned with western nations. Statements such as “the international community will not tolerate this or that”, for example, can be translated as : the US will not tolerate it. Recent events have demonstrated this point.The International Community will isolate Russia with respect to its policy on Ukraine. It will sanction and punish Russia. So Russia must improve its behavior.,etc,etc,etc,ad nauseum. The US is the leader of this community and the US uses this façade of “International Community” to carry out its foreign policy.This type of behavior is applied to other countries which do not buckle under US pressure. But there is another International Community which I call the “International Community of the Rest”…

This “International Community of The Rest” numbers more than six billion people and contributes more than fifty percent of the world’s gross product. It is composed of the peoples of Africa, Asia, Latin America who have suffered and still suffer from the oppression, exploitation,and plunder of their natural resources.They also possess most of the natural resources of the Earth. One must remember that most of the wealth of the world comes from the resources of the earth through human labour and ingenuity.They are awakening and coalescing around Russia. A perfect example was the May 9th Victory Parade in Moscow.The International Community of the West boycotted the parade,but the International Community of the Rest celebrated the event.They celebrated the ceremony as the symbol of victory over fascism, slavery, oppression, humiliation,and exploitation. The special military forces of China, India, and others marched in the parade, creating a powerful symbol of coalescence.

The Afro-Eurasian land mass is fusing together. This is a  slow process but it is accelerating. “Silk Roads” East and West, North and South are being created. European states will be joining to ensure their economic well being.The future of Europe is tied to Afro-Eurasia. Latin America wants to join and form the block that I would call LAAFROEURASIA (Latin American/Africa/Europe and Asia). That is the fusion of the peoples of the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia into an economic and symbiotic relationship. These countries are also de-dollarizing. They will be saying adios, au revoir, auf weider sehen to the North Atlantic. Canada and the US may face isolation. It will be interesting, provided there is no war. Only time will tell…

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