Germany will switch and pull Europe East

Napoleon said that geography is destiny. Europe is the largest peninsula of the Eurasian Continent. Since 1945, Europe, especially Western Europe has been under US domination. NATO was formed as a protection against the so called threat from the USSR. The threat was more imaginary than real. It served US interests though. The US pushed the concept of a North Atlantic World, composed of Western Europe, Canada, and the US. When the US speaks of “International Community” they speak of this particular region . When they say that the international community has ” isolated” Russia, they mean this region. When the USSR dissolved, Eastern Europe joined this North Atlantic World. This Europe became the chief pillar of American power. To keep this Europe under American domination, the US is trying to build  a Wall of Enmity between Europe and Russia. This Wall of Enmity would run from the three Baltic States in the North East of Europe, through Poland to the South East into the Ukraine. Hence, the present situation in Ukraine…

Germany is the dominant power of the European Union, economically speaking. France is the nuclear power of the Union. Britain, never an eager member of the Union is the ” American Trojan Horse”. President Charles de Gaulle categorically stated  that Britain should never be allowed to be a member of the Union. Germany is in a dilemma as is the rest of Europe because they cannot grow without Russia and Eurasian interactions. Sanctions imposed by Europe serve the interests of the US only. Just ask European farmers. But, strangely Europe obeys, especially Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel. Merkel did not complain too much when the NSA was spying on her and the rest of Germany. The NSA is probably still spying on Merkel. The German People as a whole are very upset. I told one German why are Germans upset. I explained that, after all, they are still occupied by Britain and the US. I also told him that thanks to Russia, Germany is unified but thanks to the US, Germany is still occupied.

Besides spying, two other things have happened in the last two years and recently. Germany is the second largest holder of physical gold, in the amount of about 3400 tons. That is lots of gold.  1500 tons of gold is held in the US. Germany wants to repatriate the precious metal. Repatriation is very slow on the American side. They want to use gold to control Germany. The other issue that is negatively affecting  the US-German relationship is the Volkswagen fiasco. VW was caught cheating on pollution. Justifiably so. But the problem is all car companies are cheating.  It’s just that VW was singled out for reasons that have geopolitical significance and this is not apparent to the public.  VW is the largest car company in the world, with huge operations in Afro-Eurasia, especially in China. VW also looms large in Latin America. World wide it is out competing American car companies. Hence, the reason for singling out VW. Germans are furious. Germans will not take this kneeling down to the US. The refugee problem is a nightmare to Europe, especially to Germany. The refugee problem is the direct  and catastrophic result of US policies in Central Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. Destabilizing the Middle East is immensely beneficial to the US and Israel. Putin has thrown the monkey wrench by supporting  Assad of Syria. Iran has joined in. The Alliance of the Humble has been formed; they are Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon {Hesbullah}, and Russia. China and Egypt are joining the alliance as well. As a matter of fact , the rest of the world is supporting the Alliance of the Humble. Great and tragic events are taking place in the Middle East. Nuclear exchange cannot be excluded.

Germany and Europe are at a cross roads. The US is trying to impose the Trans Atlantic Free Trade agreement at which many European countries and people are balking. This trade agreement would be the economic equivalent of NATO. Germany and other European countries want total independence. They want totally independent economic and foreign policy. If it means turning East, they will turn East, embracing and integrating  economically and politically with the civilizations of Africa and Eurasia. The Ukraine problem will solve itself. The people of the Ukraine will rise up and overthrow the junta and take their rightful historical place with Russia. The New Silk Road will criss  cross  Afro-Eurasia. Latin America will join.  This will be the triumph of the Humble over the Arrogant, provided there is no nuclear war. Only time will tell…

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