The Republic of Turkey is imploding

The bombing which occurred in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, several days ago and killed 129 or so people, and wounded around 200 people was provocative. Cui Bono ? That is the secret that will unravel in due time. Turkey is in NATO and a close ally of the US and Israel. Israel imports water from Turkey. Water is a source of life and well being. No country, especially a high tech country such as Israel can survive long without water. The waters of Lebanon, especially the Litani River, are coveted by Israel. There will be a war between Israel and Lebanon in the near future but that future has not arrived yet. Turkey has an abundance of rivers, small and medium sized which flow into the Black and Mediterranean Seas. Exporting water is a profitable business.

Turkey has many internal problems which in turn have external implications. The main problem is the Kurds. The Kurdish population accounts for about twenty five percent of the total population of the country. The total population of the country is around 84 million. There are several million Kurds in  the adjacent countries of Iran, Iraq, and Syria. The number of Kurds in the entire region is anywhere from 30 to 35 million. They want an independent state and more rights. Syria and Iran treat the Kurds well, but Turkey not so much. The Kurdish region of Iraq is rich in oil, in the area of Mosul and Kirkuk. During the rule of Saddam Hussein, US and Israel supported the Kurdish rebellion of Iraq. They still do. Both Israel and US want to partition Iraq and Syria, so they would not be a threat to Israel. It would also enable Israel to expand in the region.

The US, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf States {Kuwait, Quattar, Dubai, and Abu Dabi}, oppose President Assad of Syria. The US and its allies want a puppet in Syria, or even better, the partition of Syria.  Syria, Iran, Hasbullah of Lebanon, Russia, and the rest of the world, minus the European Union, support Assad and Syria. They support non interference in the policies of other states. The US claims that it has the right to change a regime it does not like, that they are governments that want to be independent. US foreign policy is based on arrogance, or superbia, the deadliest of all the seven mortal sins. Economic nemesis is awaiting the US down the road.

Turkey is big enough and strong enough to have an independent foreign policy a la India or Iran. It should give full rights to the Kurds and also recognize the Armenian genocide of 1916, when the Turks killed one million six hundred thousand Armenians. France recognizes the massacre, Israel and US do not. That tells one about who really cares about human rights. The terrorist attack of several days against peaceful  Kurdish demonstrations in Ankara demonstrates the seriousness of the internal problems of Turkey. Turkey should not help others to destabilize its neighbours, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and Iraq. Turkey should solve its own internal problems or it will violently implode. Only time will tell.

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